Don’t Talk to Me Today

It’s day two of my 4th whole 30. I’m cranky. I’m tired. I have a headache. This is all from not eating crap. 

Crazy right? 

The detox period is not my fave. I have to remind myself that it’ll be better in a couple days. 

As I’m browsing through facebook this morning I notice it’s national pancake day! Which means free pancakes at Ihop.


But I know that pancakes are not worth the way I feel when I’m fat. I don’t like myself when I am heavier and not healthy. 

Would I like to smash a pile of pancakes?? Heck yes. Would those pancakes give me anything other than mouth pleasure? Nope. 

The mental battle is strong this round! Hopefully in 28 days I will be seeing a healthier, thinner self. One that doesn’t need a few stacks of pancakes to be happy 🙂



I’m Still Chipping at It!!

So it’s been insane finding time to blog when I work so much! I miss it!!

A little update on me. I fell off the health wagon and gained a couple pounds back. Yes that’s not ideal but hey it’s a part of the journey!!!! So I’m back on it (getting back to eating all paleo) and I just got a membership to Anytime Fitness!

After losing 33lbs doing the whole30 this year I can say that I know nutrition wise how to lose weight. So I felt like adding fitness would add to my results. Weight training and some cardio! Should be an interesting adventure.

I also have the 30 Day Shred to do at home when I can’t make it to the gym. What a fun workout that is!! I snapped a pic of stinky me and hubby from the other night after completing level one.

Anyone have any workout routines they would like to share?

Until next time!!!


The Whole30 Part 2

Ok. So I will be real and let you all know that doing a Whole30 while working is hard!!!

Let me back up a bit. 

I did my first round of the Whole30 program back in February and lost 15 pounds and felt so great!  After several months of craptastic eating I decided that I needed another “reset” if you will. Hubby agreed, and he also decided he wanted to join me this time. 

It was on!!

August 1st was day one for us. It was a rough start because the night prior we decided to binge on pizza and blizzards.

I don’t recommend that. 


So he was skeptical at first, and we both wanted to kill each other after about 10 days. 

It is now day 21…and we are both still alive. AND we feel FABULOUS!!!!!! The amount of energy I have is insane!! Since I work mostly in the early mornings I find it easy to get up and start my day without the sluggish self I was when I was eat crap!


While working, I have found it to be a struggle to plan so far in advance. I can’t always cook a ton ahead of time, and the temptation is insane!! But luckily hubby is holding me to it!! 

As I am reaching the end of this challenge I am excited to be seeing some actual results! I took a picture the other day and decided I needed to compare it to a pic I was in a year ago.

I couldn’t believe my eyes! One year and 30 something (hopefully more) pounds later this was the result:




Hello heffer on the left. 😉 

I had no clue how unhealthy I was!!!! 

I can’t wait to weigh myself after these 30 days are done! (9 days but who’s counting)

Stay tuned to the results!!!! 


Until next time!