Finding Motivation in the Fitting Room

I’ve recently fallen off the fitness wagon thanks to my busy, crazy life. Buying a house, birthdays, work…it’s wearing on me!

So I thought to myself, “Hey, maybe I need a new dress to feel good about myself!” 

Nope. The lighting, or the angles of the mirrors were making me feel gross! Wait, nope that was my chubby self making me feel gross. I was able to see all the ripples and lumps I need to target and get rid of. I saw places that jiggle that shouldn’t jiggle. Lol

I left with a couple of cute dresses and some skirts so it wasn’t a total waste of a shopping trip. 

I also left knowing what I need to work on. It’s time to shape this body into what I want it to look like. I’ve lost 70 pounds so far, so that is a win. But I need to get to where I really want to be. Take a break from challenges and focus on an overall better self. 

If anyone has any ab and arm workouts they love, send them my way!!!

Until next time!!



Help I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up!!

I’ve fallen off the wagon. The health wagon!

I have been SO busy lately… that plus the social life I’ve been enjoying (with WAY too much fried food), has caused me to slip into old habits.

Yes those are excuses. I’ve taken the easy route to life, folded to the unhealthy foods that tempt me.

Now I’m ready. I know I’ve said that before but this is real life. I cannot let my pants get tight. I am in a size 16 (not just old navy sizes either haha) pants…and I started at a size 24.

I can do it. I just need the support and motivation.

March 1st means whole 30 round 4. An entire month where I have no holidays to celebrate, no birthdays to attend, no reason not to be on track.

I got this! Hubby is on board too!

Who is with me!!!!!



32 More to Go

I took a little break from the paleo diet for a couple weeks and have regretted it! My family also got the virus going around so I haven’t even been able to get to the gym in a couple weeks.

I’ve decided that tomorrow is back at this. I have 32 more pounds to get to my ultimate goal. I’ve signed up for a fit challenge at my gym, I’ve meal planned for the next couple of weeks, and I’ve decided my reward for hitting goal will be a “I Am Whole 30” tee shirt.

Does this mean another round of whole30 is in the works? You bet!

For those of you following my journey, you can see that I’m not 100% strict all the time. I think it’s important to enjoy a candy bar here and there if that’s what you crave. I’m all about the balance needed in life, because if you cannot find a balance, you are setting yourself up for failure.

I’m hoping my next round will be more of a transition into eating paleo for good. I can definitely tell when my body is over indulging crap and just feels like poop. I still will enjoy a Snickers sometimes, or some garlic bread with dinner, but this is my time to embrace my fitness and health goals and hit the goal I’m so close to hitting.

These last few pounds will be the hardest, but I’m up for the challenge. Who’s with me?!



The Whole30 Part 2

Ok. So I will be real and let you all know that doing a Whole30 while working is hard!!!

Let me back up a bit. 

I did my first round of the Whole30 program back in February and lost 15 pounds and felt so great!  After several months of craptastic eating I decided that I needed another “reset” if you will. Hubby agreed, and he also decided he wanted to join me this time. 

It was on!!

August 1st was day one for us. It was a rough start because the night prior we decided to binge on pizza and blizzards.

I don’t recommend that. 


So he was skeptical at first, and we both wanted to kill each other after about 10 days. 

It is now day 21…and we are both still alive. AND we feel FABULOUS!!!!!! The amount of energy I have is insane!! Since I work mostly in the early mornings I find it easy to get up and start my day without the sluggish self I was when I was eat crap!


While working, I have found it to be a struggle to plan so far in advance. I can’t always cook a ton ahead of time, and the temptation is insane!! But luckily hubby is holding me to it!! 

As I am reaching the end of this challenge I am excited to be seeing some actual results! I took a picture the other day and decided I needed to compare it to a pic I was in a year ago.

I couldn’t believe my eyes! One year and 30 something (hopefully more) pounds later this was the result:




Hello heffer on the left. 😉 

I had no clue how unhealthy I was!!!! 

I can’t wait to weigh myself after these 30 days are done! (9 days but who’s counting)

Stay tuned to the results!!!! 


Until next time!





Time to Get Serious. Again.

Ok, ok, I confess that I have been eating a little crappy for the last month. Starting my job has led to food choices that are not the best for my mission to lose weight. (Excuses I know!!). I have also been skipping breakfast or just drinking coffee for breakfast which I know is bad! Things have to change!!!

I have been thinking of starting to drink the Shakeology shakes, but I am still reserching that. I want maybe some sort of meal replacement that is healthy with no artificial sweeteners…that also contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins that I need.

“Why not make a kale shake?” You might be thinking.

Well, I really do love kale shakes but making one at 5:30am when everyone is a asleep isn’t practical. Making it ahead of time won’t help either because I will most likely either forget I have it or I just won’t drink it.

I just need something fast but HEALTHY. And nutritious!!!!

Feel free to leave me some feedback if you have shakeology experience.

I am also figuring out my workout schedule (it’s been crazy while working!) but I will have to get back at that so I can feel good about myself again!

All I ask is that anyone reading this to please just keep up the encouragement, the advice, and anything you want to comment to keep me going! I can fall off the wagon here and there but I HAVE to lose this weight. I am finally in the 230’s again (it’s been a while since I’ve seen those numbers!!) and I want the numbers on the scale to keep going down!!!

Thank you everyone who has shared the support! I love you all!!!

Until next time,

Gone For a Week!

This week (Monday through Friday) I am across Washington State training for work. This has been such a great and hard experience!

Every meal I eat out. Which means I have to have the willpower not to eat grease filled nasty foods. That has been a challenge! Salads and bananas are my common lunches and I’ve been doing just coffee and maybe a breakfast sandwich for my morning meal.

Dinner time is rough. I enjoyed Panera (yea yea I know it’s not really healthy!) the other night and I will just say THAT WAS DELICIOUS. Hehe 😉

Last night I had a frozen entree from Trader Joes and a croissant.

It’s been a struggle! I’m doing my best to keep at my calorie goal but not being able to cook has been so hard!

Last night I made sure to workout. I got 35 minutes on the hotel elliptical and about 10 minutes of weights before a man asked to use them haha. I hope to get in there today after work!!

I know traveling can be fun and very easy to fall off the bandwagon. But I’m committed to losing this 100 pounds. That won’t happen if I don’t stay focused.

Let’s hope I get the rest of the week done without over indulging!!!

Until next time!!


New Goals and New Job



Over the weekend I was dreaming and brainstorming everything I want to do once I lose my 100 pounds.

1.) Stop shopping at the plus sized stores

2.) Be more confident in social settings

3.) Go swimming in a cute bathing suit

4.) Workout and have fun with it…that does happen right?? 🙂


See, I know all of those (except for maybe the first one) are doable at my weight now. But I just do not have the confidence yet to do these things. Silly I know. 

What are some things during the summer you like to do for workouts? Right now yard work is turning out to be a big one! I also hope to start running again!!

These are my goals for the end of my journey. I am still learning to make this a lifestyle, but overtime I get off track I think of these things. Some things are just not fun when I am at this weight. I owe it to myself and my family to be the healthiest I can be!!


In other news, I recently applied to work at Target a couple weeks ago for a cashier position. Three hours later they called and asked if I wanted to apply for the Team Leader position. WHOO HOO! 

So I interviewed a couple times followed by a phone interview…

And I got the job! YAY! 

So now I get to manage a team there and I cannot wait! This will also be a great opportunity to stay fit and focused on my goals because I will not be allowed to sit on my butt. Ha!!


I am super thankful for how far I have gotten so far. Twenty one pounds lost and counting, a new job opportunity, a healthy and awesome family. 


Really, what more can I ask for!

Until next time!!