I’m in my 5th (I think) round of the whole30. It’s day 12 and the things I want to eat are hitting me strong. It’s hard! 
Yeah, I know, having a baby is hard. Running a marathon is hard. 
So eating strict paleo shouldn’t be hard right?
Well, it’s not hard in the sense of me choosing the right foods and cooking my food every day. 
The mental game is HARD. I wake up wanting French toast and biscuits and gravy. I go about my day wanting yogurt and cheese. Then I go to sleep wishing I could smash an entire large pizza and a pitcher of beer. 
The days 11-13 are probably the hardest for me because I’m getting burnt out on eggs and broccoli. While at work I smell popcorn and Starbucks and can’t help but want to just inhale it all.  
Then I get ready for the shower, catch a glimpse in the mirror ::shudder:: and remember why I’m doing this. My body is important. Do I want to lose weight? You bet I do. But more importantly I want to feel healthy. My health means I am the best I can be for my kiddos. If I’m not on point, I’ll miss out on the best parts of their lives. 
Now throw up a little prayer and encourage me to finish this out. I’m half way done and I CAN DO THIS. 
Pizza, we will meet again.  



Finding Motivation in the Fitting Room

I’ve recently fallen off the fitness wagon thanks to my busy, crazy life. Buying a house, birthdays, work…it’s wearing on me!

So I thought to myself, “Hey, maybe I need a new dress to feel good about myself!” 

Nope. The lighting, or the angles of the mirrors were making me feel gross! Wait, nope that was my chubby self making me feel gross. I was able to see all the ripples and lumps I need to target and get rid of. I saw places that jiggle that shouldn’t jiggle. Lol

I left with a couple of cute dresses and some skirts so it wasn’t a total waste of a shopping trip. 

I also left knowing what I need to work on. It’s time to shape this body into what I want it to look like. I’ve lost 70 pounds so far, so that is a win. But I need to get to where I really want to be. Take a break from challenges and focus on an overall better self. 

If anyone has any ab and arm workouts they love, send them my way!!!

Until next time!!


Life Takes Over

I haven’t been able to blog in so long!! Between sick kiddos, holidays, work, karate, and house hunting, I haven’t had much time for anything else. 

I’m still in my work’s Biggest Loser weightloss competition. My partner and I are killing it!!! 

I haven’t had the chance to get to the gym much but I track my steps at work and walk an average of 6 miles a day. I think this is helping me not gain. 

I must say my diet hasn’t been on point. When my 2yr old is up all night sick I somehow end up getting my Dutch Bros coffee fix. A giant coffee seems to make me feel better. (At least that’s what I’m going with lol)

I have to get back into it though. Eating 60% paleo isn’t good enough. I can’t let life’s chaos talk me into coffee or Easter candy. 

Being 30lbs away from my goal means I’ve reached the hard part. The part where the weight just isn’t going to come off as easily as it did when I was giant. 

You’re going down fatness. 

Let’s do this. 


Until next time!!


Confession Post

I started whole 30 round 4 and got a week into it before I failed! 

It happens people. I am not perfect. Hubby decided he missed me a lot since I work a ton and he does karate, so we had a really fun day off which included some not so healthy lunch. 😉 

I choose to look at this as not a failure, but as living life. I’ve done 3 rounds of this health challenge and I truly have learned what I should be eating. 

I had one heck of a belly ache that night!

Moving forward instead of focusing on what I did wrong is what I choose to do. 

My work is doing a biggest loser weight loss challenge! I have decided to participate! I will be back on myfitnesspal, eating mostly paleo. I love love love the paleo lifestyle so that’s what I will stick to.

Will I have a cheat meal after weigh in day? Yes. But that gives me a whole week to burn it off. 

I also recently was told something by a friend which is really sticking with me. She said “Exercise prep like you meal prep”. Get a game plan essentially. I have my workouts planned for the week and I am excited to see the change in the next 6 weeks. 

Don’t worry folks, my last 30lbs I have to lose WILL happen. I cannot lose 70lbs and give up afterwards. I will do this!!!!!!

Don’t Talk to Me Today

It’s day two of my 4th whole 30. I’m cranky. I’m tired. I have a headache. This is all from not eating crap. 

Crazy right? 

The detox period is not my fave. I have to remind myself that it’ll be better in a couple days. 

As I’m browsing through facebook this morning I notice it’s national pancake day! Which means free pancakes at Ihop.


But I know that pancakes are not worth the way I feel when I’m fat. I don’t like myself when I am heavier and not healthy. 

Would I like to smash a pile of pancakes?? Heck yes. Would those pancakes give me anything other than mouth pleasure? Nope. 

The mental battle is strong this round! Hopefully in 28 days I will be seeing a healthier, thinner self. One that doesn’t need a few stacks of pancakes to be happy 🙂


Meal Prep to Another Level

So the past 3 whole 30’s I’ve done I just meal prepped here and there, mostly the same recipes I know and love.

This time I am approaching it totally different. I plan on making a new dinner recipe every night from my trusty Nom Nom Paleo cookbook. Lunches and breakfast will be prepped every Tuesday!

I’m excited to try different recipes! Sometimes paleo can seem “boring” or “bland” but I think this who’ll truly open my eyes to eating this way all the time!

Does anyone have any additional tips on how meal prep??

Until next time!!



Help I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up!!

I’ve fallen off the wagon. The health wagon!

I have been SO busy lately… that plus the social life I’ve been enjoying (with WAY too much fried food), has caused me to slip into old habits.

Yes those are excuses. I’ve taken the easy route to life, folded to the unhealthy foods that tempt me.

Now I’m ready. I know I’ve said that before but this is real life. I cannot let my pants get tight. I am in a size 16 (not just old navy sizes either haha) pants…and I started at a size 24.

I can do it. I just need the support and motivation.

March 1st means whole 30 round 4. An entire month where I have no holidays to celebrate, no birthdays to attend, no reason not to be on track.

I got this! Hubby is on board too!

Who is with me!!!!!