Finding Motivation in the Fitting Room

I’ve recently fallen off the fitness wagon thanks to my busy, crazy life. Buying a house, birthdays, work…it’s wearing on me!

So I thought to myself, “Hey, maybe I need a new dress to feel good about myself!” 

Nope. The lighting, or the angles of the mirrors were making me feel gross! Wait, nope that was my chubby self making me feel gross. I was able to see all the ripples and lumps I need to target and get rid of. I saw places that jiggle that shouldn’t jiggle. Lol

I left with a couple of cute dresses and some skirts so it wasn’t a total waste of a shopping trip. 

I also left knowing what I need to work on. It’s time to shape this body into what I want it to look like. I’ve lost 70 pounds so far, so that is a win. But I need to get to where I really want to be. Take a break from challenges and focus on an overall better self. 

If anyone has any ab and arm workouts they love, send them my way!!!

Until next time!!



Confession Post

I started whole 30 round 4 and got a week into it before I failed! 

It happens people. I am not perfect. Hubby decided he missed me a lot since I work a ton and he does karate, so we had a really fun day off which included some not so healthy lunch. 😉 

I choose to look at this as not a failure, but as living life. I’ve done 3 rounds of this health challenge and I truly have learned what I should be eating. 

I had one heck of a belly ache that night!

Moving forward instead of focusing on what I did wrong is what I choose to do. 

My work is doing a biggest loser weight loss challenge! I have decided to participate! I will be back on myfitnesspal, eating mostly paleo. I love love love the paleo lifestyle so that’s what I will stick to.

Will I have a cheat meal after weigh in day? Yes. But that gives me a whole week to burn it off. 

I also recently was told something by a friend which is really sticking with me. She said “Exercise prep like you meal prep”. Get a game plan essentially. I have my workouts planned for the week and I am excited to see the change in the next 6 weeks. 

Don’t worry folks, my last 30lbs I have to lose WILL happen. I cannot lose 70lbs and give up afterwards. I will do this!!!!!!

I’m Still Chipping at It!!

So it’s been insane finding time to blog when I work so much! I miss it!!

A little update on me. I fell off the health wagon and gained a couple pounds back. Yes that’s not ideal but hey it’s a part of the journey!!!! So I’m back on it (getting back to eating all paleo) and I just got a membership to Anytime Fitness!

After losing 33lbs doing the whole30 this year I can say that I know nutrition wise how to lose weight. So I felt like adding fitness would add to my results. Weight training and some cardio! Should be an interesting adventure.

I also have the 30 Day Shred to do at home when I can’t make it to the gym. What a fun workout that is!! I snapped a pic of stinky me and hubby from the other night after completing level one.

Anyone have any workout routines they would like to share?

Until next time!!!