I’m in my 5th (I think) round of the whole30. It’s day 12 and the things I want to eat are hitting me strong. It’s hard! 
Yeah, I know, having a baby is hard. Running a marathon is hard. 
So eating strict paleo shouldn’t be hard right?
Well, it’s not hard in the sense of me choosing the right foods and cooking my food every day. 
The mental game is HARD. I wake up wanting French toast and biscuits and gravy. I go about my day wanting yogurt and cheese. Then I go to sleep wishing I could smash an entire large pizza and a pitcher of beer. 
The days 11-13 are probably the hardest for me because I’m getting burnt out on eggs and broccoli. While at work I smell popcorn and Starbucks and can’t help but want to just inhale it all.  
Then I get ready for the shower, catch a glimpse in the mirror ::shudder:: and remember why I’m doing this. My body is important. Do I want to lose weight? You bet I do. But more importantly I want to feel healthy. My health means I am the best I can be for my kiddos. If I’m not on point, I’ll miss out on the best parts of their lives. 
Now throw up a little prayer and encourage me to finish this out. I’m half way done and I CAN DO THIS. 
Pizza, we will meet again.  



Help I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up!!

I’ve fallen off the wagon. The health wagon!

I have been SO busy lately… that plus the social life I’ve been enjoying (with WAY too much fried food), has caused me to slip into old habits.

Yes those are excuses. I’ve taken the easy route to life, folded to the unhealthy foods that tempt me.

Now I’m ready. I know I’ve said that before but this is real life. I cannot let my pants get tight. I am in a size 16 (not just old navy sizes either haha) pants…and I started at a size 24.

I can do it. I just need the support and motivation.

March 1st means whole 30 round 4. An entire month where I have no holidays to celebrate, no birthdays to attend, no reason not to be on track.

I got this! Hubby is on board too!

Who is with me!!!!!



Whole 30 Round 3 Done!!!!

I have realized that food is not controlling me like I once thought. I actually completed a whole30 during the holiday season!! My friends and family respected the fact that I’m striving for health and didn’t tempt me with a ton of goodies!

I was able to bake cookies with my kiddos and not indulge in them until now! (Freezing cookies helps!). I still attended the holiday gatherings and ate before or after them instead of eating the junk I didn’t need!

Was it hard? Yes. Every day. But you know that feeling of the success you feel when you step on the scale or put on pants that are way too big?? I needed that. And I achieved it!

Starting weight was 218.6.

I ended my thirty days praying to baby Jesus that my weight would finally start with a 1 again. It’s been over 5 years since it has started with a one!!!!

Ending weight was 199.4!!!!!!!

A ONE!!!!!

I literally cried when I saw it.

I CAN do this. My next goal is 32 more pounds and I will reach my 100 pounds lost.

Here is a before and after pic comparison. I think I’ll need a new tank top soon. Lol 😉




Please continue to check on me friends. I love the support and encouragement. I cannot be successful without you guys!

Until next time!

Whole 30 Round 3…During Christmas?!

Wow it’s been a few weeks since I blogged last.

I got into a funk (aka too much crap food) and decided to do a third round of the whole30 program. I did attempt this a month or so ago, but fell off the wagon quick thanks to my busy lifestyle and my mental failure I had.

So I said to myself, “Hey why don’t I try this now?”… This was December 6th…. meaning I would be doing a whole30 during the holidays.

December 8th was day one, and here I am 15 days later still going strong.

Since I started, I’ve baked cookies with my kiddos, turned down work treats, and sat and watched my family enjoy pizza and Wendy’s. It’s pretty hard seeing all the holiday goodies I’ve had to resist, but the fact that I feel awesome (and hopefully losing weight) while doing this right now is keeping me going!

This round I am also running with a couch to 5k program and dabbling into the weightlifting world.

My ultimate goal by the new year is to have my weight start with a 1. I weighed in for my whole30 at 218.

Wish me luck!!!


It’s been a while…

So I have been so busy lately with work and life, I haven’t had a chance to blog!

I’ve recently started the couch to 5k app on my phone. It’s a program designed to help ease you into running a 5k. I used to run before I had kiddos and I must say, this program is awesome!

I’m at week 4 right now, (out of the 9 week program) and I feel like I could actually do this!

I haven’t been 100% paleo with my eating, but I am starting to make better choices when it comes down to it. My portions are a lot smaller too!

One step at a time!

I’m in this small challenge with a friend who is also on a weight loss journey, to lose about 14 pounds by January 1st. We would both hit the milestone of being under 200! I haven’t been that thin since 2005… 😉

Weight loss is a whole lot easier when you have support so I totally recommend grabbing a buddy and attempting it together!!

I guess that’s all of the updates I have for now. Wish me luck on these next few pounds!

Until next time,