Whole 30 Round 3…During Christmas?!

Wow it’s been a few weeks since I blogged last.

I got into a funk (aka too much crap food) and decided to do a third round of the whole30 program. I did attempt this a month or so ago, but fell off the wagon quick thanks to my busy lifestyle and my mental failure I had.

So I said to myself, “Hey why don’t I try this now?”… This was December 6th…. meaning I would be doing a whole30 during the holidays.

December 8th was day one, and here I am 15 days later still going strong.

Since I started, I’ve baked cookies with my kiddos, turned down work treats, and sat and watched my family enjoy pizza and Wendy’s. It’s pretty hard seeing all the holiday goodies I’ve had to resist, but the fact that I feel awesome (and hopefully losing weight) while doing this right now is keeping me going!

This round I am also running with a couch to 5k program and dabbling into the weightlifting world.

My ultimate goal by the new year is to have my weight start with a 1. I weighed in for my whole30 at 218.

Wish me luck!!!