It’s been a while…

So I have been so busy lately with work and life, I haven’t had a chance to blog!

I’ve recently started the couch to 5k app on my phone. It’s a program designed to help ease you into running a 5k. I used to run before I had kiddos and I must say, this program is awesome!

I’m at week 4 right now, (out of the 9 week program) and I feel like I could actually do this!

I haven’t been 100% paleo with my eating, but I am starting to make better choices when it comes down to it. My portions are a lot smaller too!

One step at a time!

I’m in this small challenge with a friend who is also on a weight loss journey, to lose about 14 pounds by January 1st. We would both hit the milestone of being under 200! I haven’t been that thin since 2005… 😉

Weight loss is a whole lot easier when you have support so I totally recommend grabbing a buddy and attempting it together!!

I guess that’s all of the updates I have for now. Wish me luck on these next few pounds!

Until next time,