Turning 30 Sucks

Ok I know what all you who are 30 and over are saying…it doesn’t suck to turn 30.

Well for me it’s been rough. I had this realization that I would be out of my 20’s and that really freaked me out. My mom took the kiddos for the weekend and hubs and I decided to do everything we normally couldn’t do.

We ate like garbage and drank.

That was a horrible idea. Ever since we had that splurge weekend I’ve feel gross and just have had no energy (even though I’ve only had some bad foods here and there).

I have realized that the way I feel is just about 100% diet related. Me and hubs have decided to attempt a 3rd Whole30. We need a detox and fresh start. I’m attaching a pic of me before the crap food fest started. I felt super awesome and pretty! I can’t stray from feeling like that!!

Not to lose weight, (even though it’s great side effect) but to just feel better. I’m sick with a “food hangover” that just won’t go away. Paleo is what works for me so I need to just go back at it.

Pantry purge is about to commence. Wish me luck!!!



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