Round 2 of the Whole30 DONE!!!!!

So August 30 was my final day on my second round of the Whole30 challenge. 

I feel AMAZING!!!!!!! I knew from the first time that I would feel great, but I really could feel the difference this time. I made a small bet with hubby to see who could lose the most weight at the end….and here are the results:

I started at 234.6…

I weighed in on August 30th at 216.6!!!!!!! Thats EIGHTEEN POUNDS GONE!!!!! I am no longer in the 220’s! That was my ultimate goal during this challenge. I literally got teary when I stepped on the scale!!!! 🙂

Hubby lost a whopping 15 pounds!!! I am SO proud of him.  

So I did win the bet (which I didn’t expect!!) and ultimately it’s so cool to see that together we lost 33 pounds. We literally lost a pound together each day!! Amazing!!!

Now for some photo results!

photo 1 (2)


That is my proud moment of weigh in!!


Here is a comparison of Day 1 and Day 30 (Day 30 is on the left and day 1 is on the right)

photo 3 (2)

Here is the side version… (day 1 on left, day 30 on right)

photo 4 (2)


And finally here is me just feeling so happy and good and renewed!! 

photo 2 (2)


Hubby and I are planning to start another round on Wednesday (if all goes according to plan) since we just feel so much better while eating strict paleo. I hope to also add some fitness this time around, staying active will help me get out of the 200’s I hope!


Until next time!!!!



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