Paleo Needs to Be My Lifestyle…

So hubby and I have decided to do another round of the Whole30 starting Wednesday…and it really can’t come soon enough!! Since I’ve been eating “normal” crappy food, my tummy has been hurting and my energy and skin has just sucked!
Now that we are used to eating paleo I think that it needs to just be how we eat all the time.
I’m not saying I will be super strict paleo like we are on the whole30, but I really want to eat paleo all the time! I just feel better over all when eating that way!
Since losing that 18 pounds last round, I just hope to work out more this time and maximize my muscle growth!

Wish us luck!!!



Round 2 of the Whole30 DONE!!!!!

So August 30 was my final day on my second round of the Whole30 challenge. 

I feel AMAZING!!!!!!! I knew from the first time that I would feel great, but I really could feel the difference this time. I made a small bet with hubby to see who could lose the most weight at the end….and here are the results:

I started at 234.6…

I weighed in on August 30th at 216.6!!!!!!! Thats EIGHTEEN POUNDS GONE!!!!! I am no longer in the 220’s! That was my ultimate goal during this challenge. I literally got teary when I stepped on the scale!!!! 🙂

Hubby lost a whopping 15 pounds!!! I am SO proud of him.  

So I did win the bet (which I didn’t expect!!) and ultimately it’s so cool to see that together we lost 33 pounds. We literally lost a pound together each day!! Amazing!!!

Now for some photo results!

photo 1 (2)


That is my proud moment of weigh in!!


Here is a comparison of Day 1 and Day 30 (Day 30 is on the left and day 1 is on the right)

photo 3 (2)

Here is the side version… (day 1 on left, day 30 on right)

photo 4 (2)


And finally here is me just feeling so happy and good and renewed!! 

photo 2 (2)


Hubby and I are planning to start another round on Wednesday (if all goes according to plan) since we just feel so much better while eating strict paleo. I hope to also add some fitness this time around, staying active will help me get out of the 200’s I hope!


Until next time!!!!