Time to Get Serious. Again.

Ok, ok, I confess that I have been eating a little crappy for the last month. Starting my job has led to food choices that are not the best for my mission to lose weight. (Excuses I know!!). I have also been skipping breakfast or just drinking coffee for breakfast which I know is bad! Things have to change!!!

I have been thinking of starting to drink the Shakeology shakes, but I am still reserching that. I want maybe some sort of meal replacement that is healthy with no artificial sweeteners…that also contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins that I need.

“Why not make a kale shake?” You might be thinking.

Well, I really do love kale shakes but making one at 5:30am when everyone is a asleep isn’t practical. Making it ahead of time won’t help either because I will most likely either forget I have it or I just won’t drink it.

I just need something fast but HEALTHY. And nutritious!!!!

Feel free to leave me some feedback if you have shakeology experience.

I am also figuring out my workout schedule (it’s been crazy while working!) but I will have to get back at that so I can feel good about myself again!

All I ask is that anyone reading this to please just keep up the encouragement, the advice, and anything you want to comment to keep me going! I can fall off the wagon here and there but I HAVE to lose this weight. I am finally in the 230’s again (it’s been a while since I’ve seen those numbers!!) and I want the numbers on the scale to keep going down!!!

Thank you everyone who has shared the support! I love you all!!!

Until next time,