Gone For a Week!

This week (Monday through Friday) I am across Washington State training for work. This has been such a great and hard experience!

Every meal I eat out. Which means I have to have the willpower not to eat grease filled nasty foods. That has been a challenge! Salads and bananas are my common lunches and I’ve been doing just coffee and maybe a breakfast sandwich for my morning meal.

Dinner time is rough. I enjoyed Panera (yea yea I know it’s not really healthy!) the other night and I will just say THAT WAS DELICIOUS. Hehe 😉

Last night I had a frozen entree from Trader Joes and a croissant.

It’s been a struggle! I’m doing my best to keep at my calorie goal but not being able to cook has been so hard!

Last night I made sure to workout. I got 35 minutes on the hotel elliptical and about 10 minutes of weights before a man asked to use them haha. I hope to get in there today after work!!

I know traveling can be fun and very easy to fall off the bandwagon. But I’m committed to losing this 100 pounds. That won’t happen if I don’t stay focused.

Let’s hope I get the rest of the week done without over indulging!!!

Until next time!!