New Goals and New Job



Over the weekend I was dreaming and brainstorming everything I want to do once I lose my 100 pounds.

1.) Stop shopping at the plus sized stores

2.) Be more confident in social settings

3.) Go swimming in a cute bathing suit

4.) Workout and have fun with it…that does happen right?? 🙂


See, I know all of those (except for maybe the first one) are doable at my weight now. But I just do not have the confidence yet to do these things. Silly I know. 

What are some things during the summer you like to do for workouts? Right now yard work is turning out to be a big one! I also hope to start running again!!

These are my goals for the end of my journey. I am still learning to make this a lifestyle, but overtime I get off track I think of these things. Some things are just not fun when I am at this weight. I owe it to myself and my family to be the healthiest I can be!!


In other news, I recently applied to work at Target a couple weeks ago for a cashier position. Three hours later they called and asked if I wanted to apply for the Team Leader position. WHOO HOO! 

So I interviewed a couple times followed by a phone interview…

And I got the job! YAY! 

So now I get to manage a team there and I cannot wait! This will also be a great opportunity to stay fit and focused on my goals because I will not be allowed to sit on my butt. Ha!!


I am super thankful for how far I have gotten so far. Twenty one pounds lost and counting, a new job opportunity, a healthy and awesome family. 


Really, what more can I ask for!

Until next time!!



2 thoughts on “New Goals and New Job

  1. Hiking is my new obsession! Download All Trails app get a discovery pass and go get into nature! There’s also a great book called 100 hiking trails in the inland northwest.

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