New Goals and New Job



Over the weekend I was dreaming and brainstorming everything I want to do once I lose my 100 pounds.

1.) Stop shopping at the plus sized stores

2.) Be more confident in social settings

3.) Go swimming in a cute bathing suit

4.) Workout and have fun with it…that does happen right?? 🙂


See, I know all of those (except for maybe the first one) are doable at my weight now. But I just do not have the confidence yet to do these things. Silly I know. 

What are some things during the summer you like to do for workouts? Right now yard work is turning out to be a big one! I also hope to start running again!!

These are my goals for the end of my journey. I am still learning to make this a lifestyle, but overtime I get off track I think of these things. Some things are just not fun when I am at this weight. I owe it to myself and my family to be the healthiest I can be!!


In other news, I recently applied to work at Target a couple weeks ago for a cashier position. Three hours later they called and asked if I wanted to apply for the Team Leader position. WHOO HOO! 

So I interviewed a couple times followed by a phone interview…

And I got the job! YAY! 

So now I get to manage a team there and I cannot wait! This will also be a great opportunity to stay fit and focused on my goals because I will not be allowed to sit on my butt. Ha!!


I am super thankful for how far I have gotten so far. Twenty one pounds lost and counting, a new job opportunity, a healthy and awesome family. 


Really, what more can I ask for!

Until next time!!



Angry Workouts

You know that feeling when you get stressed about something so bad you just need to release that negative energy??

I’ve recently found that working out when I get upset or stressed helps me a ton. Does it make sense to get mad at a situation and let it ruin your whole day?

Or does it make sense to get mad, et your workout gear on, and go kick your ellipticals booty??

Working out while angry or stressed feels AWESOME. Not only am I burning calories like mad, but I’m getting all the pent up emotion out on my elliptical.

I’ve also discovered spotify radio on my phone. I looked up workout songs and I heard a bunch of songs that took me back to the late 90’s! Ha!

Who doesn’t like to kick some fitness butt while Limp Bizkit is blaring?! 😉

I’ve also started a squat challenge I think everyone should add to their day, even if it’s right before your shower! I’ve attached challenge below!

Have a good weekend all!!! Get your angry workout on!!!! 😉