The Struggles of Mouth Pleasure

We all have times when we fall off the healthy bandwagon. We are human, we are not built to be perfect 100% of the time.  Every now and then I just want to eat an entire pizza and a whole 2 liter bottle of Mt Dew. But I have to remind myself that the mouth pleasure is not worth it!!! 

How do you all handle weekend eating? The weekends are when my hubby is home the most. For some reason we just want to eat crappy food when we are home together. So the other night he decides to get Papa Murphy’s and have a cheat meal. I opted for an Italian salad! (Go me!).

Hubby then weighs himself the next day, only to find out that he is down another pound.


He has lost 30lbs. THIRTY!!!! Thats so great for the last couple months of his hard work. I have lost 19. Together we are kicking our fat booties. 

There will always be a part of me that will struggle with wanting sweets, but it’s getting so much easier to make healthier choices. I am getting a lot better at portion control too, which was a huge problem for me!

Choosing to eat and workout better and healthier with my hubby has been the best decision ever. Together we are getting to our health goals!! 

Just remember when you are faced with a choice of crap food….

It’s not worth the mouth pleasure. 




One thought on “The Struggles of Mouth Pleasure

  1. you are doing great . It isn’t eaasy to lose weight and it isn’t as fun as it was when gaining weight. I am proud of you Crystal Now if I could get where you are I would start to lose the flubb!

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