No Fast Food Streak… Broken!

Ok so me and my family had a weak moment the other day. 

At the beginning of the year we decided to try not having fast food all year. Well…no one is perfect right? After 4 months of keeping at it we had some fast food! Boo! 

This past week or so it has been a struggle eating healthy too. I was stuck at a plateau with my weight, but I finally broke through it. In that process I was raising my calorie intake a little and eating some carbs to try to sort of “trick” my metabolism, if you will. Thankfully that worked, but then I started craving the crap food again.

Hubby wants to start another Whole30 challenge with me, and I think that is just what I need to start clean again.

No one is perfect 100% of every single day. I take care of my 3 kids and help the hubby with his studies here and there so I am BUSY! There will be times I cannot eat perfect. I just need to remind myself of that every day!

On another note, I have started lifting weights. Me and the hubs bought some adjustable dumbbells and they are AMAZING!!! I just love it. I am in no means a body builder (yet lol) but I just love how I feel afterwards. 

Plus, how fun is it to workout with your spouse??!! 🙂


Well that’s my little update for now. I need to go meal plan now. Back on that bandwagon!!! 



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