The Dreaded Plateau

Ok so it’s been 20 days since I have ended the Whole30 challenge successfully. 15 pounds were lost. Yay!

But for some reason the scale will not budge now. I’m exactly the same, to the ounce, after a 3 pound loss….

I have taken my measurements and those are going down, so I know there is success there, but UGH!!! It’s truly frustrating to be working so hard to not see a “number change” result.


Why do we obsess over a number?? I feel GREAT. My skin is fabulous. I have TONS of energy. I even ENJOY working out, and the workouts are getting easier by the day. So why am I so annoyed?? 


Thankfully my friend Sylvia has taken the brunt of my venting. I text her daily to let her know how this journey is making me feel. She always if honest and tells me how it is, and encourages me to just keep pushing. Thankfully I have her to vent to, because if I didn’t I would be binge eating the crap out of some pop tarts and cereal right now. LOL 🙂


I am going to push to drink more water. I will remember that the number does not make me who I am. I have to remember that I feel so awesome that I have to keep it up if I will reach my 100 pound lost goal. 


By the way it has been almost 4 months since I’ve eaten any fast food. That in itself is a huge victory!! Do I sometimes think of how amazing a Big Mac sounds?? Yes. But is the small amount of mouth pleasure worth how I feel after?? HECK NO!!! I can honesly say that I do not even want fast food anymore. Soda either. WINNING!!!


I have learned that my journey is mostly mental. I can and WILL do this. A platau will not stop me/ Please continue to support and follow me on this journey, all of the people I stay in touch with have been SO amazing. Love to you all!!!!




4 thoughts on “The Dreaded Plateau

  1. If I can say it enough you are truly inspiring and an amazing person.. NOTHING can stop you now.. Just keep thinking Vegas and you’ll get back on track. You will be the healthiest you ever been at 30.. You’re rocking it girl(I know I say it a lot) but you are. Love you

  2. great job on your success so far Crystal!!! I hope that by watching you succeed, that I can also succeed! I have been stuck before too and you just have to switch things up a bit, and it will happen. I have to keep reminding myself of that every single week, and we cannot beat ourselves up over a stupid number!!!

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