Bye Bye Booze!

So this Irish drinker has finally given up her wine!!  I decided after Monday, the day of my people (St. Patrick’s Day lol), that I would not be drinking until our Vegas trip this October.  It may be take a toll on my sanity ( I have 4 rowdy boys that give me a run for my money as a mom each and every single day lol), but I know without it I will get better results.   That coupled with the night time eating restriction (that I’m doing pretty darn good on if I do say so myself), I’m hoping to start moving down on the scale faster.  I am losing slowly, but I’m an impatient lady and I tend to get frustrated and quit when I don’t see immediate results, so I’m doing everything I can to speed up weight loss.  I am happy to announce that I have finally gotten out of the 220’s and I hope to never see that number again on my scale!!!  I’m really going to focus now on getting out the 200’s all together.  That’s my new goal  That’s 19.8 lbs from today that needs to go!!  I think I will be ready for a food challenge soon, but I’m researching what route I’d like to go that’s budget friendly.  Other than that, I’m so happy it’s the first day of Spring!   I can’t wait to get out for walks with my friend Syliva, to take my kids to the park, to get out and be more active and enjoy sunshine.  I’d much rather be active outside doing something like biking, walking, canoeing, or swimming than be on my treadmill in my basement or in a sweaty gym where a million people have touched and sweated on the same machine you’re about to touch lol. 



One thought on “Bye Bye Booze!

  1. Aww.. Stef Congrats.. No more 220s!!!!!!.. You got this girl.. I can’t wait until we can start going for walks also. Spring is here and it’s time to get out and enjoy it..

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