Some of Crystal’s Recipes!!!!!

Ok so plenty of people are demanding me to share recipes I have tried and loved while I did my Whole30 challenge. So I will now post some links of everything I tried!!  This was a HUGE hit! I added less of the spice to the chilli (because I’m a wuss) but we all loved it!!

Image   These were fantastic as well! The meat inside is very versatile and so good by itself!!

Image  BEST BROCCOLI SIDE EVER!!!! Everyone must make this and I mean EVERYONE!!!!

Image  Feeling a little fancy?? This was a huge hit. “Um babe, this is probably the best way you have ever cooked chicken.”  MY HUBBY SAID THAT!!! lol. I didn’t use mushrooms because hubby isn’t a fan, but I have made this several times since discovering it. 


Ok I think I have bombarded you with enough recipes for now. 


Here are a couple tips I have discovered. A lot of paleo recipes use ghee (clarified butter), olive oil, and coconut oil. Farm fresh bacon is the best, but if you cannot find that the grocery store has some great natural options. (I go grocery shopping at least once a week for fresh ingredients!!)  Don’t be afraid to season your food with yummy natural seasoning!!!  Feel free to experiment, it is so much fun! I am almost always in the kitchen cooking up something new and it’s just been so fun. I have decided to keep up the paleo lifestyle just because I feel so amazing while eating it!!! Prep cooking is great but not always ideal with 3 little boys running around but I do my best!


Have fun, enjoy and I will post more recipes once I can!!!



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