Bye Bye Booze!

So this Irish drinker has finally given up her wine!!  I decided after Monday, the day of my people (St. Patrick’s Day lol), that I would not be drinking until our Vegas trip this October.  It may be take a toll on my sanity ( I have 4 rowdy boys that give me a run for my money as a mom each and every single day lol), but I know without it I will get better results.   That coupled with the night time eating restriction (that I’m doing pretty darn good on if I do say so myself), I’m hoping to start moving down on the scale faster.  I am losing slowly, but I’m an impatient lady and I tend to get frustrated and quit when I don’t see immediate results, so I’m doing everything I can to speed up weight loss.  I am happy to announce that I have finally gotten out of the 220’s and I hope to never see that number again on my scale!!!  I’m really going to focus now on getting out the 200’s all together.  That’s my new goal  That’s 19.8 lbs from today that needs to go!!  I think I will be ready for a food challenge soon, but I’m researching what route I’d like to go that’s budget friendly.  Other than that, I’m so happy it’s the first day of Spring!   I can’t wait to get out for walks with my friend Syliva, to take my kids to the park, to get out and be more active and enjoy sunshine.  I’d much rather be active outside doing something like biking, walking, canoeing, or swimming than be on my treadmill in my basement or in a sweaty gym where a million people have touched and sweated on the same machine you’re about to touch lol. 



The Dreaded Plateau

Ok so it’s been 20 days since I have ended the Whole30 challenge successfully. 15 pounds were lost. Yay!

But for some reason the scale will not budge now. I’m exactly the same, to the ounce, after a 3 pound loss….

I have taken my measurements and those are going down, so I know there is success there, but UGH!!! It’s truly frustrating to be working so hard to not see a “number change” result.


Why do we obsess over a number?? I feel GREAT. My skin is fabulous. I have TONS of energy. I even ENJOY working out, and the workouts are getting easier by the day. So why am I so annoyed?? 


Thankfully my friend Sylvia has taken the brunt of my venting. I text her daily to let her know how this journey is making me feel. She always if honest and tells me how it is, and encourages me to just keep pushing. Thankfully I have her to vent to, because if I didn’t I would be binge eating the crap out of some pop tarts and cereal right now. LOL 🙂


I am going to push to drink more water. I will remember that the number does not make me who I am. I have to remember that I feel so awesome that I have to keep it up if I will reach my 100 pound lost goal. 


By the way it has been almost 4 months since I’ve eaten any fast food. That in itself is a huge victory!! Do I sometimes think of how amazing a Big Mac sounds?? Yes. But is the small amount of mouth pleasure worth how I feel after?? HECK NO!!! I can honesly say that I do not even want fast food anymore. Soda either. WINNING!!!


I have learned that my journey is mostly mental. I can and WILL do this. A platau will not stop me/ Please continue to support and follow me on this journey, all of the people I stay in touch with have been SO amazing. Love to you all!!!!



Some of Crystal’s Recipes!!!!!

Ok so plenty of people are demanding me to share recipes I have tried and loved while I did my Whole30 challenge. So I will now post some links of everything I tried!!  This was a HUGE hit! I added less of the spice to the chilli (because I’m a wuss) but we all loved it!!

Image   These were fantastic as well! The meat inside is very versatile and so good by itself!!

Image  BEST BROCCOLI SIDE EVER!!!! Everyone must make this and I mean EVERYONE!!!!

Image  Feeling a little fancy?? This was a huge hit. “Um babe, this is probably the best way you have ever cooked chicken.”  MY HUBBY SAID THAT!!! lol. I didn’t use mushrooms because hubby isn’t a fan, but I have made this several times since discovering it. 


Ok I think I have bombarded you with enough recipes for now. 


Here are a couple tips I have discovered. A lot of paleo recipes use ghee (clarified butter), olive oil, and coconut oil. Farm fresh bacon is the best, but if you cannot find that the grocery store has some great natural options. (I go grocery shopping at least once a week for fresh ingredients!!)  Don’t be afraid to season your food with yummy natural seasoning!!!  Feel free to experiment, it is so much fun! I am almost always in the kitchen cooking up something new and it’s just been so fun. I have decided to keep up the paleo lifestyle just because I feel so amazing while eating it!!! Prep cooking is great but not always ideal with 3 little boys running around but I do my best!


Have fun, enjoy and I will post more recipes once I can!!!


If I’m not supposed to snack at night, why is there a light in my refrigerator?

Hello all!  I haven’t posted in a while, and with all of Crystal’s awesome progress, I thought “Stef, get your butt in gear”.  So here I am.

After talking about this “diet” and my struggles with it, with our friend Sylvia over dinner one night, she made a very good point.  Before I focus on the food part, I need to focus on getting myself out of the bad eating habits first.  I went home that night and really thought about it.  How everyone I know that has really made a change doesn’t call it a “diet” they call it a “lifestyle change”, and it truly is what I need to do.  Change my whole lifestyle.  I have to slow down and not think of the finish line, but focus day by day on the things I need and want to change slowly.  So I’m working on my bad habits.

I have slowly taken Diet Pepsi out of my diet.   I haven’t touched one drop in over a week and a half, so I’m proud of myself.   I can’t say that I’ll never have one again in my life, but I know while I’m working on getting to my weight loss goal, I’m going to keep pop out of  my hot little hands.  As for wine, well, I’m working on that one lol.   Having to deal with 4 crazy boys and a hectic schedule makes me go a little cray-cray at times and a nice chilled glass of wine is like a little piece of heaven sometimes.

I’m forcing myself to eat during the day.  To have a breakfast, even if it’s oatmeal every day lol.  I’m struggling with lunches, because I’m trying to find things that are budget friendly, time friendly, and a variety.  I find myself eating rolled up pieces of turkey lunch meat and cottage cheese or pre-packed frozen salmon filets that I can pull out of the freezer and cook up for a quick lunch.

So I think I’m going to start hitting up that evil site known as Pinterest some more so I can waste an evening looking at healthy lunch recipes, well for half the time and the other half I’ll get sucked in to pinning random crafts, nail designs I like, and how to’s on how to get fabric softener scum off my washer.

Dinners are ok.  I make a batch or two of a couple healthy recipes I was in the mood for and eat off that for a week.

My worst habit that’s the hardest to break, eating late.  Whether it’s eating my dinner late after the kids go to bed and I can settle down and get hungry, or that late night hunger rumble in my belly that I always seem to get, my biggest hurdle yet is late night eating.  I feel like after I get over this bad habit, it’s on to working out and maybe doing an eating challenge, but I feel like I’m stalling on this.  I’m not sure what’s making this so hard for me, but I’m going to keep just getting myself under control with my late night food binges and move forward.  Wish me luck and a strong will power!


My Whole30 Challenge is Done!!!

Brace yourselves, I’m about to post some progress pics!!!

The left on each picture is the beginning of the month, at 263 pounds. The right of each pic is me now at 248.

I lost 15 pounds!!!!!!!!! That is insane to me. I also took measurements at the beginning and today, and I have lost 2 inches in my waist and 3 in my hips. WHOO HOO!! 





I am so glad I stuck with the challenge. I feel like this has restarted….or cleaned the slate for my health journey. I hope to lose about 100 pounds total this year and I think that this first 15 is the jumpstart motivation I needed!!  

I did celebrate my success with a piece of valentine’s day candy I had saved!!! 😉 

Thank you all for the support and please continue to follow my journey!!!!