Half Way Through!!!!!!!

Ok so i admit there was a couple days where I:

A) Wanted to kill everything

B) Thought I was going to die without some ice cream.


I was tired for a day, then my pants got tight…then they got loose again…but now that I’m half way through my Whole30 challenge, I am in the YAAAAYYYY phase!  

I have never felt better! My skin is clearing up, I have so much energy (especially for my workouts!), and I just feel happy. It’s odd to see how the choices I was making affected me and now to see how these healthy choices make me feel now. It’s a complete difference.

I’m very happy that I have committed to this still. I even received some Valentine’s candy that I have hid until March.  

It’s not always easy to make the best choices for myself, but I am glad I am still in this strong. Please cheer me on and support me, I can’t wait to add this challenge to my list of things I can accomplish!!!!

Until next time, 



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