Half Way Through!!!!!!!

Ok so i admit there was a couple days where I:

A) Wanted to kill everything

B) Thought I was going to die without some ice cream.


I was tired for a day, then my pants got tight…then they got loose again…but now that I’m half way through my Whole30 challenge, I am in the YAAAAYYYY phase!  

I have never felt better! My skin is clearing up, I have so much energy (especially for my workouts!), and I just feel happy. It’s odd to see how the choices I was making affected me and now to see how these healthy choices make me feel now. It’s a complete difference.

I’m very happy that I have committed to this still. I even received some Valentine’s candy that I have hid until March.  

It’s not always easy to make the best choices for myself, but I am glad I am still in this strong. Please cheer me on and support me, I can’t wait to add this challenge to my list of things I can accomplish!!!!

Until next time, 



Crystal’s Whole30 Challenge



Since I reached the milestone of a month fast food free, (and still going!!) I decided that I probably have a little more discipline in me to try another food related challenge.


Recently I have noticed that if I eat gluten or any carbs of any kind, I feel sluggish and I was getting a pain in my side immediately after eating. Pain after I eat is not something I was willing to live with.


After talking with a couple friends of mine, my SIL mentioned the Whole30 challenge.  Thirty days to commit to eating whole foods. No sugar, grains, dairy, legumes… It first seemed a little daunting. I was about to challenge myself to eat only meat, veggies, some fruits, seafood, eggs….I was a little nervous! So I accepted the challenge. I don’t want to experience the pain after eating, I don’t want to be stuck in a rut of my daily nutrition being carbs that have a million ingredients I cannot pronounce. 


Hubby started a health journey and is on board with this “paleo” style of eating. We went to the store and bought a crap ton of veggies, a lot of different proteins, and massive amounts eggs. Everything we eat now has to be good, healthy, minimal ingredients, food that will give my body a clean slate. We aren’t necessarily looking to lose a ton of weight, (although that is also welcomed haha) but we want to eat healthier. 


I can’t promise I will live like this forever. I knew 30 days was a reasonable goal. Not 365, but 30. 


During the challenge I am not allowed to weigh myself, but i will have measurements and pics to look at and compare. I cannot wait to see how I feel when the 30 days is over! 🙂