Crystal’s One Year Fast Food Free Challenge


So transitioning out of the military was a little hectic for our family. We took a road trip, moved home, and had to live with my family for a few weeks until a house was available.

With all the chaos came a TON of meals out. I don’t think I could count on my fingers the trips to Mcdonalds we made. Once a day at LEAST we would get fast food.

All of that meant mama (and prob the rest of the fam) was putting on the pounds. Slowly killing myself I like to say. It got SO bad I CRAVED HEALTHY FOOD!! So I knew I needed a change. Starting January 1 2014 I vowed to be fast food free for a year.

Not only would this save my family of 5 a ton of money, but I would be helping myself and my family get healthy!

So far, I’m 24 days into my challenge and I feel amazing. I don’t crave the fast food at all!! Plus I’ve lost 6lbs (and that’s with not working out!!).

I have enjoyed cooking every single meal and made a bunch if new recipes. It’s really been awesome.

I challenge all of you who eat out a lot to just try cooking more. It’s just one step you can make to a healthier you!! πŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on “Crystal’s One Year Fast Food Free Challenge

  1. You’re doing so awesome.. Your kids are lucky to have such a mother to look up to… I will try to cut out fast food next month. Who knows if I will have the will power. I’ll need your help holding me accountable … You’re a strong woman.. One month almost down and a life time to go πŸ™‚

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