A Little About Crystal

2013 was one heck of a year. It was the year I was supposed to get my last baby weight off. It was the year my husband got medically discharged from the Army. Little did I know, 2014 would be the year of ME.

But let’s back up a little.

I’m going to be 30 this year. Yes, 30. Thankfully I don’t celebrate birthdays after 30, so I’ll be this age for a long time.

I have 3 kiddos, Jackson who is 7, Logan who is 4, and Max who is almost 16 months. They are the world to me. I have been married for almost 6 years to the best bearded man I know, and I couldn’t be happier…except for my weight.

With each baby I’ve said “oh yes I will get this weight off I promise.” Well…it isn’t easy. Now I am at my heaviest (260) **shudders** and I HAVE to make some changes.

Me and the hubs have decided no fast food for 2014. None whatsoever. This is going to be a challenge but hey, you have to start somewhere right??

I have decided to pair up with my sista from another mista on this journey because I know supporting each other will get both of us to be the MILFs we are meant to be.

So join me and Stefanie on this journey to new health. It’s going to be a struggle and pain at times but it’s going to be so great knowing we will achieve our goals!!

Until next time.


One thought on “A Little About Crystal

  1. I believe this year is yours 2014 .. Here comes a new hot crystal .. Remember Vegas this year big 30 heading your way 🙂

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